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From Building A Highly Engaged YouTube Channel That Turns Views Into Income At This Year’s Video Labs LIVE!

Taking Place: July 8th - 9th, 2019 in Venice Beach, California


Taking place: July 8th – 9th in Venice Beach, California

I spent a year growing my channel to 1,500 subscribers. Then I went to Video Labs LIVE, implemented what I learned, and now I’m gaining 1,500 subscribers per day!
— Antonio Borrello


Our team works with you and your channel personally. We'll put your channel on the big screen in front of a small group of other creators and together we'll all give you insights for reaching your goals on YouTube.

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Expert Training

Tim Schmoyer and his team of YouTube strategists fly in from around the world to train you in the most in-depth, intense YouTube growth tactics. Nowhere else where you experience this level of comprehensive, proven YouTube growth strategy.



The event is intentionally full of opportunities to connect with other creators, events for building relationships, and times to just chill together. It's perfect for "talking shop" about your YouTube channel and goals.



The results many of last year's creators experienced has been phenomenal!

Kristen's blog generates a lot of brand deals, but after Video Labs her channel landed the biggest deal yet!

Trena quadrupled her monthly subscriber growth.

Michael's monthly views grew from 35k to 440k!

“Video Labs is more than just a course. It really is something that has changed my life.”
— Ricky Messina

Creator Experiences


Event Schedule

This YouTube growth process we'll be teaching involves a lot of topics that all intertwine with each other. Here's an overview of what we'll be diving into together on your channel.

  • Branding - Positioning your channel to be recognized and loved.

  • Primal Branding - How your channel turns viewers into fans.

  • Channel Experience - Optimizing your channel to turn viewers into subscribers.

  • Video SEO - How to rank videos and get discovered on YouTube.

  • Boosting Engagement - Increase interaction with your audience.

  • YouTube Analytics - Track the data that will help you find opportunities for growth.

Teaching Session

Day 1

• 8:30am - Registration and Breakfast
• 9:00am - Introduction
• 9:30am - Branding
• 10:20am - Primal Branding
• 11:20am - Channel Experience
• 12:10pm - Lunch
• 1:10pm - Channel Reviews
• 4:40pm - Channel Reviews Debrief
• 6:30pm - Dinner on the Ohio River

Small Group

Day 2

• 8:30am - Breakfast
• 9:00am - Video SEO (part 1)
• 10:00am - Video SEO (part 2)
• 10:40am - Boosting Engagement
• 11:30pm - YouTube Analytics
• 1:30pm - Lunch
• 1:30pm - Channel Reviews
• 4:10pm - Channel Reviews Debrief
• 6:30pm - Dinner Cruise


Go Behind The Scenes of Last Year's Video Labs LIVE Experience.


Event Location

Video Labs LIVE will be held at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati. Enjoy free in-room internet, in-room refrigerator, coffee/tea maker, 24-hour room service, and a pillow-top bed.

The hotel is close to local transportation, convenient for travel to and from the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and offers parking services as well for local attendees commuting to the event.


Bonus Trainings

When your registration for the event is complete, you’ll get instant access to over 18 hours of recorded trainings with other guest experts.

  1. How to boost YouTube and Email growth with paid advertising.

  2. Tips for running successful ad campaigns on YouTube.

  3. How to grow your Facebook audience with video.

  4. Tim’s growth on YouTube and lessons he’s learned for growing a business online.

  5. The role YouTube plays in your business for generating sales.

  6. How to start reaching out to brands and landing sponsorship deals.

  7. A detailed strategy for going from $0 to $10,000/month in Adsense revenue.

  8. An overview of basic lighting, sound, and camera shooting techniques.

  9. A Patreon employee teaches your how to effectively use Patreon with your audience.

  10. How to pitch brand deals and sponsorships to companies and organizations.

  11. An MCN owner joins us to help you better decide if joining one is right for you or not.

  12. Tim’s accountant teaches how to manage the tax and money side of your channel.

  13. Travis Chambers is responsible for billions of viral views on YouTube and teaches the common elements that make videos go viral.

  14. Austin Null teaches creators what’s needed in order to go full-time on YouTube.

  15. Learn from a lawyer how to best approach fair use and copyright as YouTube creators.

  16. A closed captions expert teaches us about the video SEO impact of captions.

  17. The owner of VidIQ shows us how to use the Chrome extension for YouTube growth.

  18. How Tim captures email addresses and grows his email list on YouTube.

  19. Steve Dotto shows us how to organize our content and community with Evernote.

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The event costs $2,500 USD per person. Additional team members who work on your channel with you may attend for $597 USD.

The fee includes:

  • Video Labs LIVE Registration

  • All meals

  • Snacks and refreshments

  • Evening excursion fees

  • Year-longaccess to session recordings and bonus trainings.

Payment options are to either pay in full or pay half ($1,250 USD non-refundable) to reserve your spot. The final half ($1,250 USD) is due one month before the event.

Tell us a little bit about you and your channel. Fill out the application and we’ll contact you within a week. If your application is accepted, you'll have one week to submit payment to reserve your spot at Video Labs LIVE.

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